Dr Chris Jenner Launches His New Book ‘Viva La Vulva!’

Now finally, the millions of women who have been living the daily nightmare of suffering in silence with unbearable pain, and the knock-on physical, sexual, emotional health, and relationship issues, have the opportunity to turn their lives around. The highly anticipated book Viva la Vulva: Your Guide to Breaking Free of Vulva Pain,’ has just been released in the US and the UK, and is available to order from wherever you may live in the world.

The book is written by renowned international author, and leading Pain Specialist, Dr Christopher Jenner, MB BS, FRCA FFPMRCA, and his team of experts (including top practising physicians, pelvic physiotherapists who specialise in vulva pain, health scientists, and more),- all of whom have a long history of empowering women to overcome their chronic vulva pain through focused Management Strategies and Personalised Treatment Plans. – The latter of which comprise both conventional, and the latest state-of-the-art treatments and therapies.

This easy to understand guide, which is written in layman’s terms, with a separate chapter for each topic, lifts the veil from a topic which is so often closeted. Dr Jenner and his team are always abreast of the latest global research on vulva pain, so to that end, Viva La Vulva incorporates details on the latest global research on the success of different treatments and therapies which have been shown to ameliorate the condition, along with all other aspects of vulvodynia and vulva pain.

It is a harsh fact that up to 16% of women (of all ages, ethnicities, and socioeconomic groups), experience vulvodynia at some stage in their lives. The frequent excruciating pain, and its associated sexual intimacy issues, can have an extremely negative effect on relationships, and can even result in separation and divorce. Moreover, countless women from all over the world, often  feel embarrassed and stigmatised, and because of this, they avoid discussing their pain with their general physician. – But now, thanks to the wealth of information and professional guidance provided by Dr Jenner and his team, women no longer have to suffer in silence with the mindset that they will never be cured.

So get back to your best life by following the numerous vulvodynia and vulva pain self-management tips right away, as you learn more about the intricacies of the condition, and all the latest leading-edge treatments and therapies which can bring your pain, suffering, and intimate relationship issues to a permanent end. – Freedom from vulva pain is yours!