Reasons Your Vulvodynia Symptoms Aren’t Improving

Vulvodynia is unlikely to get better on its own, & some of the latest treatments & therapies  should be recommended by a Pain Specialist. There are also some other causes of vulval pain that need to be ruled out

The Lucky Ten Percent, But What About the Other Ninety Percent?

Every year, around 10% of women with vulvodynia could experience remission from their vulvar pain, with some experiencing remission without medical therapy

“This chance of remission could be related to particular vulvodynia characteristics, such as when the vulvar pain started. Specifically, women who have experienced pain since the first issue (primary), could have a different underlying mechanism, compared to those who develop vulvar pain some time after the first issue (secondary). For example, women with primary vulvodynia differ from those with secondary vulvodynia, with respect to how pain is processed & modulated by the central nervous system” [1]

So that leaves a massive ninety percent of women who are suffering in silence with unbearable pain, and knock-on physical, sexual, emotional health, and relationship issues. Unfortunately, due to the stigma and lack of information about this most sensitive of conditions, many women choose not to get help. And when it comes to those who do, they are often disappointed by their GP (General Practitioner), as they have not had the necessary extensive training which enables them to give an accurate diagnosis and Personalised Treatment Plan which incorporates both conventional and the latest cutting-edge treatments and therapies. – The latter of which have been scientifically shown to ameliorate the condition.

Booking an Appointment With a Vulva Specialist

A Vulva Specialist has had the essential training and experience over and above that of a General Practitioner. Moreover, they are, or have been, attached to Pain Clinics and Hospital units which are specifically devoted to eliminating different types of pain. To that end, the best course of action, is first obtain an accurate diagnosis of your condition, by booking an appointment with a Pain Consultant who specialises in vulva pain and vulvodynia. This should be done as soon as possible in order to ascertain the root of the pain, and prevent long-lasting and permanent damage to the body.


[1]. Nguyen RH, Mathur C, Wynings EM, Williams DA, Harlow BL. Remission of vulvar pain among women with primary vulvodynia. J Low Genit Tract Dis. 2015 Jan;19(1):62-7.