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Viva La Vulva was written by our team of experts who work with women every day to help them manage and treat their chronic vulvar pain. In addition to the book that is filled with valuable information, our medical team also provides diagnostic and treatment services at Vulvar Pain Clinic in London.

Viva La Vulva

Viva La Vulva is written as the “go to” book for women who live with vulvar pain. You learn about various medical conditions that cause vulvar pain, including treatment options. We also outline ways that you can manage the pain at home on your own. You will also find references at the end of each chapter for further reading.

With 24 chapters, numerous illustrations, and almost 200 pages, Viva La Vulva helps you understand every aspect of vulvar pain so you feel empowered to regain quality of life. Our hope is that you know longer feel alone in your struggle to manage a type of pain that is debilitating from a physical and emotional standpoint.

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A Resource Written for Women Living with Vulvodynia

As you learn more about vulvar pain, you may be wondering if there is a single cure. Like many chronic conditions, vulvodynia requires a multi-disciplinary approach that includes many specialties.  Our goal in writing Viva La Vulva is to empower you to work with a team of experts with the necessary experience and knowledge needed to diagnose, treat, and manage your vulvar pain. Advanced techniques are now available, and each woman is different, but there is hope on the horizon. Through the book, you learn about new pharmaceuticals, minimally-invasive therapies, exercises, supplements, nutrition, and much more. Our recommendations are based on outcomes that we have achieved with our patients who have, in many cases, lived years with vulvar pain and found no relief from traditional avenues in the medical community.

Why the Book?

Viva La Vulva was written by our medical team to further education and compassion to women who live with vulvar pain. Few physicians understand the effects of vulvodynia on a woman’s life, and, unfortunately, many also believe it to be more of a psychogenic issue than a true medical concern that requires diagnosis and treatment. The book was written to provide a comprehensive resource that is based on science and presented in a practical way that is easy to understand by laypersons. You do not need a medical degree to garner useful insights from Viva La Vulva.

Viva La Vulva provides you with valuable information to understand your chronic vulvar pain and how you can improve your quality of life with treatment at Vulvar Pain Clinic in London. If you have any questions about the book or would like to schedule a consultation, contact us today.

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