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Surgical Treatment Options For Vulvar Pain

As your Vulva Pain Doctor will tell you: "Removing areas of vulval tenderness from women with vulval pain syndromes has been practised by surgeons over many years. The operations are carried out by gynaecologists who…
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The Connection Between Vulvar Pain and Endometriosis

Did You Know? Endometriosis appears in a huge 10% of females aged 19 - 45 years-old. In rare cases, spontaneous vulvar endometriosis can present. - It is a potentially a subset of cutaneous endometriosis. Generally…
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Alexa Chung Shouts Out About Women With Endometriosis Being ‘Dismissed!’

TV presenter, model and fashion designer, Alexa Chung, (age 39), has recently turned her energies to the very important, and frequently overlooked, subject of endometriosis. - The latter refers to a most unwelcome chronic female…
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The Role of Pelvic Floor Therapy in Vulvar Pain Treatment

"In two retrospective reviews of physical therapy treatment of women with vulvodynia, one reported a 71% success rate of moderate or great improvement in vulvar pain, as well as decreased pain with intercourse, & increased…
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