Monthly Archive: July 2022

Does Vulvar Pain Come & Go During Menstruation?

“Cyclic vulvitis (a subset of vulvodynia), describes recurrent vulvar pain which comes & goes with a woman’s menstrual cycle. Pain generally tends to be worse right before monthly menstruation starts. Women with cyclic vulvitis (also…
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Pain, Irritation & Swelling in Your Vulvar Region? It Could be Vulvodynia!

“Vulvodynia is chronic pain or discomfort around the opening of your vagina (vulva), for which there's no identifiable cause, & which lasts at least 3 months. The pain, burning or irritation associated with vulvodynia can…
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How We Evaluate Vulvar Pain

“The exact prevalence of vulval pain in adult women is not known, but a recent population based survey from the US, found that 16% of women had at some time experienced chronic burning, knife-like pain,…
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Vaginal Cancer, Causes, Signs & Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

“Vaginal cancer is a rare cancer that occurs in the vagina — the muscular tube that connects the uterus with the outer genitals. Vaginal cancer most commonly occurs in the cells that line the surface…
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