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Vulva Pain Clinic in London - About Us

Proud to be referred to as the "Renowned World-Class London Pain Clinic," and being supported by "Leading Consultants in Field of Pain Medicine," we specialise in providing Holistic Personalised Treatment Plans, which incorporate different treatment…
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Bartholin's Cyst: What It Is and How It Can Cause Pain

"According to estimates, around 2% (1 in 50) of women will experience a Bartholin’s cyst at some point in their lives" [1], so if you do realise that you have a small lump in your…
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When to Seek Medical Help for Vulva/Vagina Pain

It's not easy for women to live with vagina and vulva pain (the latter of which, when it does not have a clear cause, is often referred to as vulvodynia). Moreover, such pain can have…
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Vaginismus: What You Need to Know

As a Vulva Doctor will explain: vaginismus is classed as a genito-pelvic pain/penetration disorder (GPPPD). The latter describes a cluster of vulvovaginal issues, such as vaginismus. GPPPD is an intricate condition that can make it…
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