Monthly Archive: February 2024

Diagnosing Vulvar Cancer - Symptoms and Treatments

Vulva Doctors may use various tests to look for, or diagnose vulvar cancer. In addition, they may also conduct tests to determine whether the cancer has spread (metastasised) to another area of the body. After…
Categories : Vulvar Cancer
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Common Symptoms of the Menopause

When it comes to menopausal symptoms, some women may feel relieved that they no longer have to be concerned about getting pregnant or suffering painful periods. Yet for others, this menopausal transition can generate depression,…
Categories : Menopause & Vagina Pain
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Vaginal Itching and Soreness, What Could It Be?

When women visit a Vulva Doctor to find out what is behind these issues, they are often given a diagnosis of Vaginitis. This common condition can be described as: an inflammation of the vagina that…
Categories : Vaginal Itching
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