Investigations and Referrals

Vulvar Pain Clinic in London specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of vulvodynia and other types of vulvar pain. Our team of experts has written Viva La Vulva to help women manage and treat their chronic vulvar pain. Learn more about the clinic, including our services for investigations and referrals.

Diagnostic Tests for Vulvar Pain

At Vulvar Pain Clinic in London, our goal is to provide you with an accurate diagnosis of your vulvar pain. We may recommend imaging tests and blood work to determine the nature of your condition. The findings are combined with the information that you provide during the consultation as a foundation of your personalized treatment plan. Without these tests, treatment can be challenging and less effective. We assure you, though, that these tests are absolutely necessary for improving your quality of life and providing the excellence in care that you deserve.

Imaging Tests

The most common imaging test that we recommend for vulvar pain conditions is the MRI. Our medical team has chosen two exceptional providers for these tests.

  • No 9 Harley Street
  • Vista Diagnostics (Waterloo)

As part of our relationships with these two imaging labs, we have negotiated special pricing for our patients. Self-pay patients pay £225 per body part. Insured patients should check with their insurance carriers for associated fees at these facilities.

Approximately two to three days after your MRI, the radiologist sends a comprehensive report to your consultant. Your consultant reviews the findings and sends a letter and copy of the report to you and your primary care physician.

When you receive the letter and report, you can schedule a follow-up appointment at Vulvar Pain Clinic to discuss further with your vulvodynia consultant.

Blood Work

Some blood tests are available at No 9 Harley Street. In order to have the blood work done at this location, you must:

  • Need the blood tests done urgently or privately
  • Be insured
  • Have your insurers agreement

Blood work at this location is based on availability. As an alternative, we refer you to The Doctors’ Laboratory located at 76 Winpole Street.

The preferred method for bloodwork, though, is for you to coordinate the tests through your primary care physician. We communicate the recommended tests to your doctor.

Specialty Referrals for Vulvodynia

In some cases, your consultant at Vulvar Pain Clinic in London will refer you to other medical specialists and physical therapy. Working with these healthcare providers ensures a holistic approach to vulvar pain treatment.

Medical Specialists

In some cases, determining the underlying cause of your vulvar pain requires the expertise of medical specialists, such as gynecologists. Your consultant at Vulvar Pain Clinic makes the referral and maintains communication across your entire medical team to coordinate care.

Physical Therapy

In most cases of vulvodynia and other types of vulvar pain, physical therapy is recommended for the best patient outcomes. Your consultant discusses this type of treatment with you if it is deemed appropriate. Prior to physical therapy, we work with you to reduce pain symptoms for what is known as a “pain free window.” This may involve medications for your vulvar pain or other minimally-invasive treatments. The goal of physical therapy and rehabilitation is not to address your pain symptoms, but reduce the likelihood of the symptoms returning after your initial treatment.

Please note that if physical therapy is recommended by your consultant, following through with the treatment is crucial and will make a significant difference in the long-term prognosis for your vulvodynia.

Please note that the staff at Vulvar Pain Clinic do not book appointments for physical therapy. You will receive the referral and be responsible for booking and keeping your appointment at the physical rehabilitation facility. The facility will keep us informed of your progress.

Where Do I Find Female Vulvodynia Specialists Near Me?

Vulvar Pain Clinic in London specializes in vulvodynia and other types of vulvar pain. Our team of vulvar pain specialists have written Viva La Vulva to provide valuable, in-depth information to understand your chronic vulvar pain and how you can improve your quality of life with treatment at Vulvar Pain Clinic in London. If you have any questions about the book or our services for investigations and referrals, or if you would like to schedule a consultation at the clinic, contact us today.