Monthly Archive: December 2022

Recurrent Yeast Infections & Vulvodynia

"Most will tell you that the cause of vulvodynia is unknown. Some may wonder if Candida can cause vulvodynia. Yet while more research needs to be conducted, there is evidence that recurring Candida or vaginal…
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Introducing Dr. Lorraine Harrington

We would like to introduce the renowned, award-winning, Dr Lorraine Harrington MBChB Bsc (Hons) Immunology, FRCA, FFPMRCA, MRCP, Consultant in Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine, who is a leading Pain Consultant at the London Pain Clinic.…
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Can Vulvodynia Cause Bladder Problems?

"Vulvodynia is chronic debilitating burning vulvar pain or pain on contact. Although sufferers are more likely to experience co-morbid interstitial cystitis & urinary tract infections, few studies have explored whether women with vulvodynia experience adverse…
Categories : bladder infection
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