Appointment Fees

Vulvar Pain Clinic in London specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of vulvodynia and other types of vulvar pain. Our team of experts has written Viva La Vulva to help women manage and treat their chronic vulvar pain. Learn about our appointment fees for consultations and services at our clinic.

Schedule a Consultation

The first step for learning more about your vulvar pain is to schedule a consultation with one of our vulvodynia specialists. This first appointment includes a thorough review of your symptoms and medical history. If you schedule an online appointment, we may schedule an in-person appointment for a physical examination. Based on the findings, our vulvar pain specialist recommends a personalized treatment plan.

How Much Does a Vulvar Pain Consultation Cost?

A consultation at Vulvar Pain Clinic in London takes about 30 minutes. For self-pay patients, the cost is £299. If you have insurance, the cost may be covered, but you should check with your insurance carrier prior to the appointment. The consultation cost does not include the physical examination, treatments, additional tests, or subsequent appointments.

Appointment Fees and Cancellation Policy

You can find a list of our fees on our website. If you cancel your appointment within 48 hours of the scheduled time, you can reschedule or receive a refund for the cost. If you do not cancel within at least 48 hours of the scheduled time, you will be responsible for the entire cost of the appointment.

How to Schedule an Appointment at Vulvar Pain Clinic in London

You can schedule an appointment online or contact our office. Please be prepared to provide your:

  • Full name
  • Postal address
  • Date of birth
  • Primary care doctor for care coordination – no exceptions
  • Referral from a physician or self-referral
  • Insured or self-pay
  • For insured patients, name of insurance, policy number, and authorization code for the consultation (must be provided at the time of booking)
  • For self-pay patients, credit card payment for your initial consultation

Appointment Schedules at Vulvar Pain Clinic

We offer consultations with a member of our vulvar pain medical team on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. All other days are reserved for other appointments. The best way to schedule your consultation is to call our office rather than send an email. After your consultation is scheduled, we send an email confirming the payment and appointment time.

Complete the Online Pain Questionnaire

The confirmation email contains a link to our online pain questionnaire. Please complete this prior to your consultation. This ensures that the consultant can maximize the time during the appointment. You should also have your medical history compiled and a list of questions for your consultant.

After the Consultation

After your consultation, you receive a clinic letter that details your treatment plan, including follow-up appointments with your consultant. Follow-up consultations take approximately 15 minutes and cost £175.

Fee Increases

Vulvar Pain Clinic reserves the right to increase prices and fees to reflect increased costs. Please call our office for current fee information.

Where Do I Find Vulvodynia Specialists Near Me?

Vulvar Pain Clinic in London specializes in vulvodynia and other types of vulvar pain. Our team of vulvar pain specialists have written Viva La Vulva to provide valuable, in-depth information to understand your chronic vulvar pain and how you can improve your quality of life with treatment at Vulvar Pain Clinic in London. If you have any questions about the book or our appointment fees, or if you would like to schedule a consultation at the clinic, contact us today.