Vulva Pain Treatment in London: How the Vulvar Pain Clinic is Changing Lives

For all too many years, women in the UK have had to suffer in silence. – They have often been made to feel that Vulvodynia and issues associated with the vulva, shouldn’t be openly discussed; and that there’s little that can be done about this most intimate of female conditions. – A condition that affects life at the very core, both physically and emotionally, and at its worst, one that can break down relationships, and tear couples apart.

Countless women don’t even feel comfortable discussing their vulva pain with their GP; and having a male GP, or one who does not have a sympathetic disposition, or seems inapproachable, all present barriers to dealing with vulva issues head on.

And for those who do decide to take positive action and visit their GPs, their hope is often deflated, as they realise that a General Practitioner has not had the necessary training and experience to be able to give them an accurate diagnosis, and tell them about the latest cutting-edge treatments and therapies which can work alongside standard conventional methods to ameliorate their vulvodynia or other vulva issue.

Step forward Dr Chris Jenner, renowned Pain Specialist, Vulvodynia expert, and author of Viva La Vulva! Dr Jenner established the Vulva Pain Clinic in central London, over a year ago, and together with his formidable team of highly experienced Pain Consultants and therapists, they have created a treatment revolution. – This involves setting up a Holistic Personalised Treatment Plan for each and every patient. The plan can include multiple modalities from conventional treatment to therapy, to the latest cutting-edge state-of-the-art solutions. So finally, after years of suffering and not being catered for, Vulvodynia sufferers are able to turn their lives around, and reclaim the health of their most sensitive of regions.

The Consultation Procedure

Once a Pain Specialist has reviewed a new patient’s medical history, discussed their pain and other symptoms, given them an examination, and undertaken any necessary tests and scans, the patient is given a definitive diagnosis. After this, a Personalised Treatment Plan will be drawn up, and all the elements will be discussed in detail. If patients live a long way from the Vulva Pain Clinic, then online follow-up appointments can easily be arranged.

Everyone at the Vulva Pain Clinic has a long track record in the field of medicine, and specialist areas, and are sensitive to patients’ issues. They will always explain everything in simple layman’s terms, and invite patients to ask questions, and discuss any concerns they may have.