Seeking Help From a Vulvodynia Specialist

This is your first step towards getting your well-being, and in many cases, sexual relationship, back on track. And while some women book an appointment with a Pain Specialist as soon as their symptoms become evident, others are more hesitant. – This is because they may think that their symptoms could miraculously disappear; because they feel embarrassed about discussing their issues and do not want an intimate examination (something which is not always necessary); or because they think that they cannot be helped.

The Good News

Thanks to substantial research and state-of-the-art medical technology, there are now a significant number of different conventional and cutting-edge treatments for vulvodynia sufferers. To that end, once you have taken positive action by booking an appointment with an experienced pain specialist, and he/she has reviewed your medical and sexual history, asked you various pertinent questions, given you a partial or comprehensive examination, and conducted any necessary tests, you will then be told the exact or probable cause of your condition, and given details about the different treatment options that would be suitable in your case.

The Benefits of Seeing an Experienced Pain Specialist

There are many reports on vulvodynia internet forums, whereby women detail their traumatic history of trying to reach out for help. In these cases, they have simply made an appointment with a general practitioner, who is not knowledgable on the condition and all its complexities, and as a result, not addressed the situation, leaving the patients devastated, and in more psychological turmoil than they were before. In fact, this scenario has even led to relationships and marriages dissolving due to the end, or demise of their sexual intimacy.

Clearly, finding a renowned Pain Specialist who has a proven track record, to the way to go. Their experience in the field will make all the difference in your diagnosis, recommended treatment protocol, and recovery.

Personalised Treatment Plans

Vulvodynia cannot be treated with a one size fits all approach. Every woman’s case and medical/sexual history is unique. Pain Specialists understand this, and as such, always take an individualised, holistic approach. Moreover, their vast experience and knowledge on up-to-date treatments and therapies, as well as recently released pharmaceuticals, will ensure that you are getting the best there is.

Once you have been given a personalised treatment plan, and important advice on how to look after your condition, there is a good chance that your suffering can be curtailed within a relatively short period of time. So your life and relationship will start to go back to normal, all because you made a positive move to get things sorted by booking a consultation with an experienced Pain Specialist. Countless women who have done this just wished that they had done it sooner, but as the saying goes – better late than never!