Vulvodynia – Why You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed to Seek Help

Unfortunately, there is a percentage of women who suffer the pain and mental trauma of vulvodynia, simply because they feel too embarrassed to seek help. They truly feel that they cannot open up and talk about what they are going through, due to the intimate nature of the subject. For them, discussing the intimate parts of their anatomy, the issues they are having with their sex life, and trying to insert a tampon etc., seem impossible. So what can be done?

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Tao Te Ching

One step in the right direction is to look at dedicated websites such as the National Vulvodynia Association. This highly respected organisation shows sufferers all the positives of having various types of treatment, and the successes of different protocols which ameliorate the pain, and help women get their lives and intimate relationships back on track.

A Positive Mindset

But nothing comes to us, and we have to be proactive and have a positive mindset. And while it may seem somewhat awkward to discuss our intimate anatomy, and have an examination, we have to be mindful that millions of women have done it. Further, we also need to be mindful that if we do not seek medical help, then our condition could get worse. To that end, booking an appointment with an experienced Pain Specialist is the way forward.

Taking Action

If you are nervous about having an examination, then you can book an appointment (either in person or online), with a Pain Specialist just to discuss your symptoms. He/she will will review your medical and sexual history, and ask you various questions such as: how long you have been suffering, when you feel the pain, what makes it more painful or better, and so on. Then, if you feel at ease, you could book a second appointment to have an examination, as well as any tests that the doctor may deem necessary. If you are still troubled about an examination, then you could ask for just a partial one.


It is important to understand that your doctor is a professional, and that he/she examines countless women’s private parts. Be clear in your mind that your quest to put an end to your pain should supersede your desire to be modest. If you feel nervous, tell your doctor. They are very used to this, and always aim to put patients at ease. Ultimately, see the light at the end of the tunnel: learning more about your condition, being given advice about how to ameliorate it, and details of various conventional and cutting-edge treatments which you may be suitable for. You will then be given a personalised treatment plan, and your life will take on a new, positive direction, just because you took “a single step”…