Finding UK Support Groups For Vulvodynia

There are a number of very helpful UK Support Groups for anyone suffering from vulvodynia or vulva pain. Many of these groups provide very valuable information; and some of them conduct regular meetings. – The latter of which can be very helpful and uplifting. Moreover, they can connect you with other women and professionals who you can share your story with.

Of note, Vulva Pain Specialists, and dedicated centres such as the London Vulva Pain Clinic, strongly encourage their vulvodynia and vulva pain patients, to connect with any groups that they find beneficial. Further, as there is so much online group activity, it is not always necessary to join a group in your area. – Just look at some of the websites which are listed below, and see what they have to offer!

Such action shows that you are not alone – there are countless women who are also suffering from vulva pain – many of whom have had to deal with their issue in silence, simply because they have not received an accurate diagnosis from their GP. – Someone who in many cases, has not had the necessary specialised training and experience.

The following Support Groups are listed by location:

The Bristol Vulval Health Support Group

This group, which meets in Bristol, offers a website and contact email

Cheshire, East Wales, Hereford & Shropshire Group

These regions are covered by the Welsh Marches Vulval Pain Support Group. If you would like to become a member, then you can make an application to join, on their website:

Greater Manchester, Lancashire & South Cumbria: Manchester Vulval Support Network

The MVSN (Manchester Vulval Support Network) conducts its meetings in Manchester. It offers a a forum which enables sufferers to share useful advice; creates a local network for professionals and patients; and provides informative talks from a various different speakers. It can be contacted via its website:

North Cornwall/Truro: Cornwall Lichen Sclerosus &Vulvodynia Support Group

Contact can be made via mobile phone on: 07547 210293.

South West: Somerset Vulvodynia Network

Details of meetings can be made to the group administrator via
email: or mobile phone: 07307 633820

All Regions in the UK

The National Vulva Helpline can be contacted via mobile phone: 07765 947599

The Association for Lichen Sclerosus & Vulval Health

Details can be found via its website: