Advantages of Seeking a Private Clinic That Treats Vulva Pain

“When Sexual intercourse, sitting, walking & exercising, can make your pain worse & long-term vulva pain can cause degeneration, doesn’t it make sense to get it sorted & turn your life around, as soon as possible?

A World of Difference

With all the major issues facing NHS clinics and hospitals – be it waiting lists that can stretch up to several years, medical staff walkouts, and colossal funding problems, going private to immediately address your vulvar pain or vulvodynia, is the only smart option. – And this is where booking an in-person or online appointment with a renowned Vulva Pain Specialist at a leading Vulva Pain Clinic, opens the door to an accurate diagnosis, and state-of-the-art cutting edge treatment options. – Both of which are designed to help rid you of your mentally and physically debilitating symptoms, and in some cases, the intimate relationship breakdowns that come about from not being able to have a normal sex life, due to the tremendous pain from having sexual intercourse.

Getting Over the Hurdles of the NHS System

A visit to a private clinic which is run by leading male and female Pain Specialists who boast years of experience within the field of vulva pain, and are dedicated to helping women quickly get their life back to normal through optimal vulva health, is vital in the current climate. – A climate where countless women seem to come up against a brick wall when they approach their GP (general practitioner). This is usually because either the patient is too embarrassed to speak up about their condition, (especially if they are confronted by a male GP), and then decide to tell the doctor about something else; or the fact that because GPs do not receive the necessary years of addition training and in-hospital experience in Pain Medicine, they are unable to give a proper diagnosis, let alone the right treatment program which should probably include multiple treatments.

A dedicated Vulva Pain Clinic inspires confidence in women. This is because it empowers them to understand their condition in simple layman’s terms. Moreover, patients are given the necessary time slots for the Vulva Pain Consultants to spend sufficient time with them, in case they would like to discuss their questions or concerns. On top of this, patients are made to feel at ease in an environment in which the Vulva Pain Doctors, other medics, and therapists, are wholeheartedly sympathetic towards their pain and associated issues, all of which have arisen from this most unwelcome of conditions, that with the NHS may not have been treated sufficiently quickly or effectively.