Vulvar Pain and Sexual Dysfunction

“Some women consider that it is normal to have pain during intercourse. Others tend to attribute the symptoms to other, better-known conditions, or simply feel ashamed of their symptoms” [1]. If you fall into any of these categories, the best course of action is to book an appointment with a Vulva Pain Specialist. – This will guarantee that you receive a correct diagnosis, & a Holistic Personalised Treatment Plan that you can get started on right away!

The Low-Down on Sexual Pain Disorders

There are various reasons for the unwelcome sexual pain disorders which so many women experience during sex. – So let’s take a look at some of the causes:

•Vaginal Infections, Yeast Infections, and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases): all of these conditions can make the vagina itchy and irritated. When you have a consultation with a Vulva Pain Specialist, they will undertake the necessary tests in order to confirm or rule them out

•Vaginismus: this common condition describes involuntary contractions of the vagina muscles during sexual penetration. The root cause could be either psychological trauma or physical issues.

•Atrophic Atrophy (Vaginitis): Usually occurring at the time of perimenopause and menopause; this condition which is brought about by reduced oestrogen levels, generates thinning, drying, and inflammation of the vaginal walls

•Vulvodynia:This widespread generalised and localised disorder, describes long-term pain in the vulva, as well as other regions within the pelvic area. The majority of sufferers experience PVD (provoked vestibulodynia), which refers to experiencing pain whenever pressure is applied around the opening to the vagina

•Pelvic floor Hypertonus: this disorder describes the continual contraction of the pelvic floor muscles; a scenario which renders intercourse painful and difficult

•Allergic Reactions: caused by sanitary pads, personal hygiene products, garments, and more, can lead to sensations of painful irritation

•Psychological Causes: in some instances, vaginismus and other sexual health-linked pain disorders, can by caused by psychological trauma or conditions

•Depression, Anxiety, and Past Abuse: all of these factors can contribute to sexual pain disorders

•Other Health Conditions: haemorrhoids, endometriosis, and other medical issues, can also result in painful intercourse [1]

Organise a ‘Pain Diary’

If you start to compile a daily Pain Diary (marked out in 24 hourly slots), it will be a great help on your first consultation your Vulva Pain Specialist. Be sure to note what you were doing at the time the pain came on; how long the pain lasted; and what (if anything), ameliorated it.


[1]. Vieira-Baptista P, Lima-Silva J, Pérez-López FR, Preti M, Bornstein J. Vulvodynia: A disease commonly hidden in plain sight. Case Rep Womens Health. 2018 Sep 12;20:e00079.,%5D%2C%20%5B14%5D%5D.