Signs of Endometriosis a Woman Must Never Ignore

“Countless women brush aside endometriosis symptoms for years – but this is because they don’t have any idea of the damage they are doing to their bodies, & the fact that they could be reducing their chances of being able to get pregnant. – To that end, seeing an Experienced Pain Specialist as soon as possible, is crucial”

Painful Periods

In a great deal of cases, endometriosis can be genetic, and this means that many women who compare their menses with their sisters or mother, will not realise that they have anything wrong. On the other hand, those who read about it, or discuss their periods with others in the workplace, or at school or college, will have a better idea.

Pain While on the Loo

As time goes on, the cells which line the womb can bleed outside the womb, thereby generating adhesions in the pelvic organs. – In some instances, this scenario can contribute to pain during urination and bowel movements. And such pain is not just restricted to during the time of menses, it can be prevalent all month.

Problems Becoming Pregnant

For those women who have let their endometriosis to go unchecked, fibrosis can take hold, and the adhesion between the pelvic organs can have an extremely detrimental effect on their ovarian tubes. At worst, this can make the women infertile; moreover, in many cases, it can make becoming pregnant, a lot harder.

Pain Whilst Having Sex

As strange as it may seem, some endometriosis sufferers may think that the painful sex they experience, is normal. But it is down to the bleeding (during menses) outside the womb. And this build up causes painful inflammation and internal scarring because the blood cannot leave the body.
As a result, during sexual relations, the regions that have this inflammation and internal scarring, become provoked, thereby destroying a woman’s ability to enjoy optimum intercourse. – And regretfully, in some cases, this can lead to strained relationships, and in the worse case scenario, separation.

Booking an Appointment to See A Pain Specialist

Unfortunately, general practitioners do not usually have specialist training in endometriosis and other pain conditions. This is because it takes a number of years, and extensive experience in the field in order to be proficient. Moreover, it is essential to be continually abreast of new cutting-edge treatment and remedies. If however, you visit an experience Pain Specialist, they will be able to give you an expert diagnosis, and put you on a holistic Personalised Treatment Plan, which may involve