Meet the Team at The London Vulvar Pain Clinic

The Vulva Pain Clinic is proud to be renowned as a world-class treatment centre for all types of vulva issues. Our countless patients both past and present hail from the length and breath of the UK, and beyond. The latter includes other parts of Europe, America, the Middle East, and Asia.

With in-person visits and the advent of online consultations with a highly qualified Vulva Pain Doctor, sufferers have been empowered to take positive action by being able to finally get an accurate diagnosis. The latter forms the basis for every patient’s Holistic Personalised Treatment Plan. This incorporates the latest cutting-edge state-of-the-art treatments and therapies that are geared to get the patient’s life back on track right from the get-go.

Many follow-up consultations with a dedicated Pain Specialist can be done online; and if a patient suddenly finds themselves experiencing any difficulty connected to their vulva issues, then they can be safe in the knowledge that their Pain Doctor is just a telephone or video call away. So let’s take an up close and personal look at the Vulva Pain Clinic’s formidable team:

Dr. Lorraine Harrington, MCChB, BSc, MRCP, FRCA, FFPMRCA

Dr Harrington is an award-winning leading specialist, international speaker and author, renowned for her expertise in the fields of pain medicine, abdomino-pelvic pain conditions, anesthesia, and intensive care. She has a long history of helping patients ameliorate and manage a broad spectrum of chronic vulva conditions. These include (but are not limited to) vulva pain, vulvodynia, and female chronic pelvic pain – both of which have been shown to impact the lives of countless women.

Dr Lorraine Harrington’s special medical interests span:
•Musculoskeletal pain
•Neuropathic pain
•Spinal pain
•Widespread pain
•Complex and regional pain
•Vulvar pain
•Ling-term pelvic pain
•Head and Face Pain
•Phantom Limb Pain
•Amputation Pain
•Shingles Pain
•Post Stoke Pain
•Multiple Sclerosis Pain
•Diabetic Neuropathy
•Botox Injections
•Vulval Botox Injections

Dr Harrington’s extensive medical training comprises graduating from the renowned University of Edinburgh where she attained both a Bsc (Hons) in Immunology, and a MBChB. After which she successfully gained post-graduate qualifications at the Royal College of Physicians, the Royal College of Anaesthetists, and the Resuscitation Council UK. This resulted in her being awarded a FRCA and a FFPMRCA with distinction. In addition to the aforementioned, Dr Harrington also completed a seven year training program (this included the Royal College of Anaesthetists’ curriculum for anaesthesia training, and a Pain Fellowship at NHS Lothian). Of note, Dr Harrington was awarded a medal of distinction for being the highest performing candidate in the program. Moreover, Dr Harrington has made a marked contribution to researching and developing advance treatments for pain conditions. This includes serving as principal investigator on two international projects. In addition to this, Dr Harrington has contributed to Smith and Aitkenhead’s Textbook of Anesthesia.

At the present time, alongside her work at the Vulva Pain Clinic, Dr. Harrington serves as a consultant and speaker on pain management. She also acts as a consultant anaesthetist at St. John’s Hospital, and serves as Clinical Lead Pain Doctor at the Excellence in Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis Care and Treatment Clinic.

Dr. Attam Singh, MB BS, FRCA, FFPMRCA

Dr. Attam Singh is a highly valued award-winning pain consultant and educator, who also serves as an associate of the London Pain Clinic. He is an expert in pelvic and other forms of pain, and prior to becoming a leading pain specialist, Dr Singh was a certified anaesthetist. He has served in well known hospitals in both England and America; and was awarded a prestigious fellowship at the University of Michigan, where he demonstrated and taught his cutting-edge procedural techniques. Dr Singh is also the recipient of 2013 Clinical Excellence Award for Showing Care and Compassion in Clinical Practice; and the 2014 Health Service Journal Award for Patient Safety. He is also a well known lecturer and trainer at national and international medical conferences.

Dr Singh’s medical specialities incorporate:
•Head and face pain
•Neck and Back pain
•Joint pain
•Widespread pain issues, such as CRPS
•Pelvic Pain
•Medicinal Cannabis
•Lidocaine Infusions

In addition to being a consultant in pain medicine, Dr. Singh runs a private practice, and serves as the lead of the acute pain team at Watford General Hospital.

Dr Ivan Ramos-Galvez, Consultant in Pain Medicine

Dr. Ivan Ramos-Galvez is a specialist in pain medicine and spinal surgery. He trained at the Oxford Deanery, and holds a licentiate in medicine and surgery from the University of Barcelona. He is also a Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists Faculty of Pain Medicine. In addition to this, Dr Ramos-Galvez has undergone specialist pain medicine training at the renowned Imperial College, London.

Dr. Ramos-Galvez’s name is synonymous with introducing new pain management solutions for patients who have not been helped by conventional treatment. This innovative treatment incorporates a holistic, multidisciplinary approach, with a strong focus on state-of-the-art physiotherapy. Dr Ramos-Galvez’s comprehensive experience working in a large spinal surgery department has empowered him with an extensive understanding of neurological pain and post-surgical CRPS. This has made him a hugely valuable team member at the Vulvar Pain Clinic.

Of note, Dr. Ramos-Galvez devised an acute and long-term pain management training program at Royal College of Surgeons. Moreover, at the present time, Dr. Ramos-Galvez provides much needed acute pain management training for novice doctors at the North Thames (Imperial Deanery). Furthermore, in addition to the aforementioned, he has made an invaluable contribution to medical journals, and internationally acclaimed textbooks. He is also a regular at medical conferences where he helps other doctors expand their ability to diagnose and treat chronic pain. He also has a NHS practice is at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Dr. Chris Jenner, MB BS, FRCA FFPMRCA

Dr. Chris Jenner, MB BS, FRCA FFPMRCA, is the Founder and Clinical Director of the London Pain Clinic. He is a leading, world renowned expert on vulvodynia and vulva pain, and as such, he has revolutionised these fields. His visionary insight has broadened the public’s understanding of these once taboo conditions; and by bringing them into the mainstream with his articles, videos, and acclaimed book, Viva la Vulva, Dr Jenner has helped countless women who were either let down by their GPs’ lack of knowledge; or embarrassed to discuss their condition. Moreover, Dr Jenner was listed in Tatler’s Guide to Britain’s Top 250 Consultants, where he was awarded the title of one of the most experienced Pain Specialists.

Dr Jenner holds a medical degree from the London Hospital Medical College; and serves as a Honorary Clinical Lecturer for the Imperial NHS Trust. In addition to this, he is a hugely popular host at both Charing Cross Hospital’s NHS Pain Clinic, and London’s Weymouth Street Hospital. His previous experience includes working at various hospitals including St. Bartholomew’s, St. Mary’s Hospital, and The Royal London.

Dr Jenner’s specialities incorporate:
•Vulva pain
•Neuropathic pain
•Spinal pain
•Regional and complex pain
•Musculoskeletal pain
•Widespread pain

Dr. Mona Mubarak, M.B.Ch.B, MSc ( Anaesth.),FCARCSI, EDRA,EDAIC, Dip Pain (CAI), FPMCAI

Dr. Mona Mubarak is regarded as a leading pain specialist, not just in the UK, but also in the US and Australia. She covers a broad spectrum of conditions; and is known for giving her patients clear and accurate information about their condition and treatment in easy to understand layman’s terms. With regard to treating vulvodynia, vulva, pelvic, and genitalia pain, Dr Mubarak employs a holistic approach. This way, every problematic aspect that the patient is experiencing, is covered, and the treatments and therapies work synergistically.

Dr Mubarak serves as a consultant in both chronic pain management and anaesthesia. Her impressive extensive medical training began in Ireland, where she received qualifications in Anaesthesia and Basic Pain Management. After this, she undertook additional training at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney. Whilst she was still in Sydney, Dr. Mubarak worked at a top hospital where she collaborated with experts in the field of neurology. This empowered her with invaluable experience in the areas of neurology and chronic pain management. After this, Dr. Mubarak joined a pain fellowship in Leeds. Interested in the cutting-edge research and practices in the US, she then continued her studies over there, and as a result, gained a qualification in interventional pain practice.

Dr Mubarak’s specialities include:
• Vulvodynia
• Vulva pain
• Pelvic pain and genitalia pain
• All types of nerve pain
• Thoracic and neck pain
• Plasma rich platelets injection for arthritis
• Endometriosis pain
• Headache and facial pain
• Trigeminal neuralgia
• Sports related injuries