Is Vulvodynia Common?

Although countless women do not discuss their vulvodynia symptoms with their doctors, the condition is fairly common. If you have pain in your vulva or vagina region, discuss it with a Vulvodynia Pain Specialist, as soon as possible. “It’s important to have them rule out more easily treatable causes of vulvar pain — for instance, yeast or bacterial infections, herpes, precancerous skin conditions, genitourinary syndrome of menopause, & medical problems such as diabetes” [1]

The Facts

Did you know that vulvodynia is the most common reason for the pain many premenopausal women experience during sexual intercourse? In fact: “it is estimated that vulvodynia affects 8–10% of women of all ages” [2].

In an epidemiological study carried out in the US, it was determined that up to 16% of women experience vulvodynia throughout their lives, & that by 40 years of age, 7% to 8% of women will have experienced vulvodynia symptoms at some stage in their lives. Moreover, a 2019 Spanish study has indicated that the prevalence of vulvodynia throughout life affects a massive 13% of all women [2].

What Common Vulvodynia Symptoms Should I Look Out For?

The prime vulvodynia symptom is pain within the genital region. This can be characterised as:
•Pain whilst having sexual intercourse
•Throbbing [3].

How Long Does The Vulvodynia Pain Last?

The pain may be sporadic, or continual. It could for example, be ‘provoked vulvodynia’, which refers to only feeling pain when the sensitive region is touched. Or generalised vulvodynia, which means experiencing pain in the entire vulvar region. Moreover, the pain could be localised, meaning it is only apparent in a specific area, such as the vestibule (vagina) opening. You may see that the tissue in your vulva is a little swollen or inflamed, although generally speaking, the vulva looks normal [3]. – Naturally, a Vulvodynia Pain Consultant will be able to examine you, and conduct the necessary tests and if necessary, scans, to give you an accurate diagnosis.

Booking An Appointment With a Vulvodynia Pain Consultant

This first consultation can be done on-line, if you are not able to visit the Vulvodynia Pain Clinic. – This is an extremely important first step to establishing your condition, and being given a holistic Personalised Treatment Plan to get your life back on track.


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