How the London Vulva Pain Clinic Can Help to Support You

Finding support for vulva pain is not always an easy road, and in some cases, sufferers can spend years trying to get a correct diagnosis and the right treatment to successfully get their life back on track. Generally speaking, across the length and breath of the UK, countless women who have to deal with the distress from vulva pain and vulvodynia, have been very let down. This is primarily due to the fact that the majority of general practitioners (GPs), have not undergone the necessary years of additional training and experience that are necessary to be a Pain Specialist.- Something that is often essential when it comes to giving an accurate diagnosis. Moreover, most GPs do not have the time to keep up to date with the latest cutting-edge research and studies on various aspects of vulva pain and vulvodynia, and so they may not be aware of the latest treatment options. And along with all the aforementioned, it is extremely difficult to find a dedicated Vulva Clinic.

Introducing the New ‘London Pain Clinic’

Finally, help is at hand from some of the most eminent Vulva Pain Specialists in the country. Now, patients can make their first step towards recovery, by booking an online or in-person appointment for an expert pain assessment.

•A Vulva Pain Specialist will undertake a full medical history which focusses on your pain
•If your appointment involves vulvodynia or another similar condition, then it is not necessary for the Pain Consultant to conduct an intimate, internal exam. This is because they are able to diagnose your condition on the basis of your own report
•If any tests such as blood tests, or scans e.g., ultrasound, are required, then these will be scheduled in for you at as soon as possible after your consultation
•You will be provided with an in-depth Specialist Gynaecology Review
•And have the guarantee of our renowned second opinion service

What Type of Treatment Will I Be Given For My Vulva Pain?

Once you have had your initial consultation, then, in accordance with the underlying causes of your condition, and your own individual needs, the Pain Specialist will devise a holistic ‘Personalised Treatment Plan.’ This may involve multiple treatment modalities, which include targeted therapy such as:

•The latest anti-nerve (anti-neuropathic) pain medication
•Oral and topical anti-neuropathic medication
•Multi-modal anti-neuropathic protocols
•PRF (pudendal nerve pulsed radio-frequency) treatment
•Pudendal nerve blocks
•Specialist pelvic physical therapy
•Desensitisation exercises
•Self-help techniques

The right treatment begins with an expert diagnosis. To start your recovery, Make an Appointment with us today The Vulva Pain Clinic London