FAQs About Vulvar Pain: What You Need to Know

Can My Vulva Pain Get Worse?
Unfortunately, due to most GP’s lack of extensive knowledge and expertise in this subject: “women experience a constant and unchanging level of pain for years. Others describe their pain as occurring in cycles, with partial or complete remissions, followed by flare-ups. Many women with vulvodynia say that their pain began with vestibulitis and gradually spread in area; however, not all vestibulitis becomes vulvodynia. Then, there are women with vulvodynia who don’t have vestibulitis” [1]. To that end, it is crucial for anyone who suffers from vulva pain, to obtain an accurate diagnosis from a Vulva Specialist (a medical doctor who has received extensive training and clinical experience in the field, and one who is always abreast of new treatments and therapies).

Will My Vulva Pain Get Better?
“Yes!” your vulva pain can be ameliorated. Specialist Vulva Doctors at the London Vulva Pain Clinic (in Harley Street), have been able to help countless patients turn their lives around by putting them on a Holistic Personalised Treatment Plan. This involves a protocol of multiple treatments involving both contemporary solutions, and the latest state-of-the-art cutting-edge non-surgical procedures, and therapies. After reviewing the patient’s medical history, asking any pertinent questions, and conducting any necessary exams and tests, the Personalised Treatment Plan will be devised by the Vulva Consultant, so that the patient can get started on their road to recovery right away. (Note: if you would prefer to see a female Vulva Consultant, then you can request to do so).

How Does Nerve Damage Affect My Vulva Pain?
“Women who experience generalised vulvodynia, “stabbing” pain, “shooting” pain, or “referred” pain (pain that seems to travel from the vulva to the legs, feet, or buttocks), may have damage to certain nerves. Many of the women reporting this kind of pain have been in some kind of accident or have otherwise injured the base of their spine” [1]

Can Nerve Blocks Help Ameliorate My Suffering?
Fortunately, nerve blocks are a valuable option to negate pain in the vulva region. Pain Specialists frequently administer temporary nerve blocks via a simple injection. This isolates specific nerve pathways that are generating the pain, and thus removes the patient’s pain.

Are Chemical Sensitivities Making My Vulva Pain Worse?
Propylene glycol (a component in a large number of sexual lubricants), has been shown to be extremely irritating. Moreover, many health and beauty products, such as shower gel, shampoo, intimate cleansers, and so on, are made with certain chemicals which are absorbed into the body, and as a result, generate adverse skin reactions and/or autoimmune issues [1].


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