Acute Vulva Pain – Symptoms to Look Out For

” Vulvar tissue often looks healthy & normal in people with vulvar pain, & researchers have seen a link between vulvar pain & certain conditions” [1], therefore, consulting a Pain Specialist is the best course of action

The Big Four

Vulva pain encompasses four main types:

Generalized Vulvodynia

This begins spontaneously, and generates general vulvar pain which can go on for a number of months, or even years [1].

Localised Vulvodynia

This describes feeling pain which is centred around a particular area in the vulva (e.g. the folds/lips of the vagina). Such pain is known to suddenly appear and vanish [1].

Cyclic Vulvitis

This form of vulvar pain comes and vanishes in line with the sufferer’s menstrual cycle. Generally speaking, the pain is inclined to get worse just prior to the start of monthly menstruation [1].


This condition is prevalent at the vestibule (opening), of the vagina [1].

What Vulvar Pain Symptoms Should I Look Out For?

The main symptoms comprise: throbbing, stinging or burning in the vaginal area. In some instances, the pain is constant, conversely, the pain may only apparent when there is some form of pressure on the area [1].

So What is the Pressure Caused By?

• Having Sex
• Sitting down
• Putting in a tampon
• Wearing tight fitted trousers, and so on [1].

Learning More About Vulva Pain

Many women are hesitant to make an appointment due to feeling sensitive about this very private region of their body. Moreover, unlike a popular topic such as neck pain, discussions on conditions to do with the vulva, are not very prevalent in the media, and it seems to be continually classed as a taboo subject, off limits even for sufferers. Fortunately, this is finally changing. – Several associations are tackling the lack of information, and pioneers such as renowned Pain Specialist, Dr Christopher Jenner, are bringing vulvodynia and vulva pain to the fore, not just in the UK and US, but all over the world, via the internet. The soon to be released book entitled: Viva la Vulva by Dr Chris Jenner and his medical team, is a one stop shop for beating vulva pain, and is bumper packed with very useful information.

Seeking Help for Vulvar Pain

“Vulvar pain can affect your lifestyle & relationships. Your Pain Specialist can help identify the cause of your pain so that you can begin treatment” [1]

It is very important to book an appointment with an experienced Pain Specialist. He/she will work to diagnose your vulvar pain by reviewing your medical and sexual history, and giving you a comprehensive examination. Further, they may conduct specific tests in order to confirm or rule out certain factors. Once all the necessary information has been attained, your Pain Specialist will make a diagnosis, and put you on a personal plan. This may include various cutting-edge holistic and conventional treatments.


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