Treatment For Vaginismus: Where Women Can Get Help in the UK

“Involuntary tightening of the vaginal muscles is the primary symptom of vaginismus, & sufferers often report a burning or stinging pain when anything is inserted into their vagina.
And while severity of the condition varies between women, all experience constriction of the vagina which makes penetration difficult or impossible. Further, fear of vaginal penetration & decreased sexual desire for penetration can become the norm. If you have vaginismus, you can’t manage or stop the contractions of your vaginal muscles”
[1] & this is why it it crucial to book an appointment with a Vulvodynia Specialist

The First Port of Call: Getting a Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

When you have a consultation with an experienced Vulvodynia Specialist (be it in-person or online), after reviewing your medical notes, and asking you about your sexual history (including whether you have gone through any sexual abuse or trauma); your doctor will ask you when you first became aware of the problem, how frequently it occurs, and what triggers it. He/she will also ask you to describe your symptoms. – And this is why it is a good idea to start a ‘Pain Diary.’ This will enable you to record the times when you are suffering the most; how long any burning, stinging, or other type of pain goes on for, and if there is anything that you do to ameliorate it.

Generally speaking, the treatment and diagnosis of vaginismus, necessitates having a pelvic exam.
And while a percentage of patients naturally feel fearful or nervous about having one, the Pain Specialist will ensure that the examination is as comfortable as possible. Undertaking this exam will
enable the pain specialist to see any signs of scarring or infection. When it comes to vaginismus, there is no physical grounds for the contraction of the vaginal muscles. To that end, if you have this condition, then your vulvodynia specialist will not find another cause for your symptoms.

Feeling At Ease Discussing Sensitive Subjects

Understandably, some women feel uncomfortable having to discuss such sensitive matters, however, this should not deter you from getting help for your vaginismus. – Experienced vulvodynia consultants are very aware of the intimate nature of this condition, and have a deep understanding of how much you are suffering (which is often in silence), and the negative effects it can be having on your relationship. And so their very sensitive approach will paves the way for you to ask various questions that you might have kept to yourself. Once you have a confirmed diagnosis, then your Pain Specialist will set up a holistic Personalised Treatment Plan which you can get started on right away.


[1]. Herndon, J. (2021). “What Is Vaginismus?” Healthline.